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Lindsay "Soko" Sokolowski was born to innovate, create, and invent.  Solving problems is in her DNA, and she is constantly brainstorming for the next big thing. 


Lindsay’s boundless, creative energy has brought her great success during her years as an attorney, as a wife and mother, and also as the CEO of Boottique, Inc.  Boottique is a closet-solution company she founded in 2007, following the patent of her first invention, The Boot HangerTM.  Today, Boottique is a thriving business with over 50 products, with many more in development.


Lindsay thrives on sharing her solutions and inventions with others, to help them live a better life.  Her motto is: "Simplifying life, one solution at a time."  

Lindsay understands the importance of maintaining a streamlined, organized lifestyle. She applies her dynamic and contagious energy to all facets of her life.  She thrives on helping others live their best, most simplified life...and this is how her patented products came to be.

Click here to read the press release announcing Lindsay's partnership with TV Shopping Network Evine.  


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